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This picture was taken in December 2005 when Ross was 5, Sarah was 3, Alan was 45 and Grace was 21. We took a trip into the Portrait Place in Glasgow and sat for the photographer.

The children were very patient and we got 4 or 5 decent snaps for the family album. Read on for more family stuff.

Family pose

Ross's first day at school

The big day has come and gone. Ross started school on Wednesday 18th August 2004 at the age of 4½. The weather had been dismal the couple of weeks leading up to him starting in primary 1 and Wednesday was no exception - it rained continuously, with thunder & lightning and torrential downpours in the afternoon.

None of this put Ross off his first day at school and he got togged up in his smart new uniform to brave the elements and what might lie in store in the new regime of the primary school.

Here are a couple of shots of him before leaving home.

Ross in his new school uniform

And his sister doesn't like being left out

Sarah with Ross in his new school uniform

This is Jacob and Ross in the classroom

Jacob and Ross in the classroom

Have a look at the video clip

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Sarah's first day at school

Sarah started school on Thursday 16th August 2007 at the age of 5. Mum and dad escorted her to the school and she joined her classmates at 10am. The first day ended at 12 and we popped along to the Stables for lunch. Ross started P4 classes at 9 as usual and stopped at 3pm as usual.

Sarah kitted out in her new school uniform

Sarah in her uniform

And both kitted out ready for school

Sarah & Ross ready for school

Sarah gets official help to cross the road

Sarah & Fran crossing the road

First day over

First day over

Sarah & dad at the Stables

Waiting for lunch

Sarah likes apple pie

Sarah likes apple pie

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