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Welcome to thegillclan holiday page

Since 2000 we have tried to pay a visit to the Lake District in the Spring time. Most summers we take a two week break and travel a bit further afield.

The extravagant holidays before kids have mellowed into more family oriented affairs. Browse through the page and check out what we've been up to.

Florida 2010

Barrhead Travel this time. No comparison to First Choice. Barrhead's ticketing process is a bit chaotic and causes some confusion, best stick with First Choice for big ticket holidays. Have a look at the photo album for an update on the rides.

Argyle 2009

Don't knock the wonderful scenery, food and people of our home country. Evanachan Farm is halfway up a hillside near Otter Ferry. The views over Loch Fyne were brilliant. The Oystercatcher needs no introduction. Lots of walks and eats at the aforementioned pub. Photos can he found in the photo album.

Greece 2008

This year it's Greece. Grace and I had been 10 years before and remember lots of Loggerhead turtles swimming alongside us. This year we didn't spot any. The kids had a ball at the kids' parties, discos and activities in the Planos Bay apartments. Photo record can he found here.

Florida 2007

We're off to Disney. The holiday was booked through First Choice and everything was sorted for a great holiday in a spacious villa with family car sporting integral car seats. Check out the pics here.

Gran Canaria 2006

This year's main holiday started off with a bit of a disaster. The flight was due to depart at 7:40pm but was delayed. A Thomson rep explained that someone had not turned up for work and the crew quota fell short of the legal requirement. They did put us up in a Glasgow hotel and flew us out at lunch time the next day. But this effectively scrapped one day of our 7 day holiday. Do not purchase travel insurance from Thomson/Tui holiday shops, it's not worth the paper it's written on.

Once we got there, the holiday was very relaxing. The weather was brilliant every day. You can see from the photo album that one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Palmitos Park. You can easily spend a whole day there enjoying the exotic birds, plants and animals.

Another favourite destination was the pool by the Orquidea Hotel. There are actually three pools. One for tiny tots, and two others for cooling off in. The Atlantic Ocean was just a few yards away but the swell was a bit scary for the children.

Barra 2005

We travelled up to Oban to catch the Castlebay Ferry with a CalMac Island Hopper ticket. I was a bit apprehensive about the 5 hour crossing but on this occasion the Minch was very calm and the Lord of the Isles had a soft play area which amused the kids for most of the journey.

We stayed at a friend's croft towards the north of the island. Everything is in easy reach wherever you stay on Barra. The weather was brilliant every day. Have a look at the photo album for a sample of the excellent sandy beaches covering much of the coastline.

Don't miss Kisimul Castle, the ancient stronghold of the Macneils of Barra. The castle is accessible only by a small ferry which gives you an idea of how difficult it must have been to storm the defences in feudal times.

Various day trips

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